The suppliers distributed by us.

Sulfateq BV

Supplier Country:Netherlands

Target Market:Japan, Taiwan

Sulfateq BV manufactures ROKEPIE, a bioregulator to preserve cells and tissues at 2-8°C.

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Tissue Solutions

Supplier Country:UK

Target Market:日本, 台湾

Tissue Solutions provides rapid access to high quality biospecimens with guaranteed ethical compliance.

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ViroStat, Inc.

Supplier Country:US

Target Market:Japan, Taiwan

Virostat manufactures infectious disease reagents including numerous recombinant antigens and antibodies.

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Wuhan Abebio Science Co.,Ltd

Supplier Country:中国

Target Market:日本

Abebio is a leading biotechnology company specialized in production of high quality biological products such as proteins, antibodies and ELISA kits.

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YO Proteins AB

Supplier Country:Sweden

Target Market:Japan, Taiwan

YO Proteins is a supplier of antibodies and proteins (fibronectin, collagen, integrin etc) based at Karolinska Institutet Science Park in Huddinge, Sweden.

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