Renaissance Chemicals

Supplier Country:United Kingdom

Target Market:Japan, Taiwan

Renaissance Chemicals's SCRI Renaissance Stain 2200 (SR2200) is a modified fluorescer that stains beta 1,4 and beta 1,3 linkages that is prevalent in many polysaccharides.

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Rekom Biotech S.L.

Supplier Country:Spain

Target Market:Japan, Taiwan

High quality recombinant biomakers for IVD raw material

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Richcore Enzymes Pvt. Ltd.

Supplier Country:India

Target Market:Japan

Richcore offers animal origin free protein products developed in its state of the art R&D facility and manufactured in large scale in its GMP certified facility.

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Radboud University

Supplier Country:Netherlands

Target Market:

Radboud University offers a novel cell line ciPTEC (conditionally immortalized Renal Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cell) for research purposes.

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