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ROKEPIE-FD01 hypothermic preservation solution

ROKEPIE is a bioregulator to preserve cells and tissues at 2-8°C. There are other preservation media who claim to do the same as ROKEPIE but these solutions do not support living cells and tissues or are even toxic. What makes ROKEPIE unique is that it is a non-toxic additive which you can simply add to your tissues and cells.

Cryopreservation alternative, effective cell storage and transportation at temperatures of 2°-8°C. Wouldn’t it be great to skip the freezing and dry ice while still protecting your cells?

It’s non-toxic, where other preservation solutions are toxic ROKEPIE is cell-friendly so there is no need for changing the culture medium after hypothermia. Forget about cell-stress or extensive cell loss.

Pause cell growth, control cell growth in a specific period which gives you the freedom to control cell culture development.

It’s easy to use, no need to use DMSO or change the medium before and after cold storage. Just add, incubate, store and rewarm without washing.

Fully synthetic, no animal components, antibiotics and preservative. It’s also one defined, small molecule.

Shelf-life of 3 years,  ROKEPIE will be delivered as a freeze-dried formulation which can be used to make 50-200ml cell culture medium.

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How to use ROKEPIE®



  • – ROKEPIE® is non-toxic: Your cells can be rewarmed up to 37°C safely without the need to remove ROKEPIE®.
  • – ROKEPIE® does not affect cell proliferation: Cell growth after preservation is immediately supported.
  • – Pausing your cells will allow you to extend the passage duration of valuable primary cells, which in turn will lead to a longer use of primary cells.


  • – Easy to use thanks to the Add & Use principle – less complicated protocols, thus time saving
  • – It’s an additive – no need for medium change
  • – It’s non-toxic – can be rewarmed up to 37°C
  • – It’s fully synthetic – no animal component
  • – It even supports cell growth after rewarming – non-toxic


Longer storage time
  • – Store cells easy and use them later without effort.
  • – Ability to maintain different working schedules with flexibility – you decide your work schedule.
  • – You can store larger amounts of cells (surface area) than in cryovials.
  • – Avoid breakage of vessels at -180°C (LN2).
  • – Avoid use of DMSO during storage.
  • – Spread process workload over several days.
  • – Pause large batches of cells during a production process, e.g.:
    • – Increase time window for trypsinization of large amount of cells
    • – Inoculate one single batch of cells but harvest on seperate day


  • – Transportation at 4°C is readily available for a modest price.
  • – Large amounts of cells can be transported at once, saving time and labor.
  • – Avoid the use of cryoprotectants like DMSO, so no toxicity or risk of decreased viability percentages.
  • – Diminish the risk of leakage and breaking of frozen package material.
  • – Biological material can be gathered at one central location for further processing.


Product details

  • ● ROKEPIE will be delivered as a freeze-dried (lyophilized) formulation
  • ● The lyophilized ROKEPIE formulation is sufficient for 2ml stock solution
  • ● The 2ml stock solution can be used to make 50 to 200ml of hypothermic storage cell culture medium, depending on cell density and cell line in question
  • ● Dissolve the lyophilized ROKEPIE, add to cell culture, incubate and use
  • ● Small molecule (MW ≈ 400)
  • ● Sterile additive
  • ● Pyrogen free
  • ● Contains a single well-defined component
  • ● Non-toxic conform ISO-10993-5:2009
  • ● Fully synthetic, no animal components
  • ● Free of antibiotics & preservatives
  • ● Non-toxic, there is no need for replacing storage solution after rewarming up to 37°C
  • ● Growth is directly supported after reaching 37°C
  • ● Tested in HEK293, CaCo-2, SMAC, SKOV and human blood cells
  • ● ROKEPIE®-FD01 has shown no plastic-binding properties
  • ● For Research Use Only – RUO
  • ● Patent pending
  • ● The shelf-life of lyophilized ROKEPIE is 3 years



Product list

Name Volume Price
ROKEPIE®-FD01 1 x 2 ml Inquire
ROKEPIE®-FD01 5 x 2 ml Inquire


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