Our service and Activity as the trading company

Featured Products

  • Infectious disease related products

    • Screening kits for emerging reemerging infectious disease
    • Research kits
    • Antigens, Antibodies, DNA/RNA Controls
  • Clinical samples (Human specimens)
  • Various custom manufacturing services(Antibodies, Proteins, Peptide Arrays)
  • Human Health Care products , etc

Based on the customer’s requests

  • Research reagents in the field of bio-science and advanced technologies
  • Raw materials for the diagnostic products (Antigens / Antibodies)
  • Control serum /plasma products for diagnostics.
  • Custom collections for clinical samples

Searching & procurement of research materials

If you have some troubles for your procurement like followings, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We can resolve it!

  • You found the materials in a literature or on the internet, but you don’t know who is the distributor in Japan.
  • You want to buy the materials supplied by universities or some public institutions, but you cannot buy directly from them.
  • You have already contacted with the suppliers but you got no answer from them.