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Leukocyte surface antigen CD47 is also known as Antigenic surface determinant protein OA3, Integrin-associated protein (IAP) and Protein MER6. CD47 contains 1 Ig-like V-type (immunoglobulin-like) domain. CD47 is very broadly distributed on normal adult tissues. CD47 has a role in both cell adhesion by acting as an adhesion receptor for THBS1 on platelets, and in the modulation of integrins and plays an important role in memory formation and synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus by similarity. CD47 is the receptor for SIRPA, binding to which prevents maturation of immature dendritic cells and inhibits cytokine production by mature dendritic cells. CD47 Interaction with SIRPG mediates cell-cell adhesion, enhances superantigen-dependent T-cell-mediated proliferation and costimulates T-cell activation.

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Given its significant role in pathogenesis of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, there is no surprise that CD47 signaling has been heavily investigated for new targeted therapeutics. ACROBiosystems provides a unique set of CD47-relevant products, including mutilple avi tag pre-biotinylated proteins, for rapid high throughput screening. The following pairs of products can be easily adapted to ELISA, Alphalisa, and MSD platform to screen neutralizing compound.

Suggested  Pairs

Cat. No. Product Description Species
Pair 1 CD7-H82F6 Biotinylated  CD47, Fc Tag, Avi Tag Human
SIA-H5225 SIRP alpha (HPLC-verified) Human
Pair 2 CD7-H82E9 Biotinylated CD47, Avi Tag Human
SIA-H5251 SIRP alpha, Fc Tag (HPLC-verified) Human
Pair 3 CD7-H5227 CD47 Protein Human
CDA-H82F2 Biotinylated SIRP alpha, Fc, Avi Tag Human


Immobilized Human SIRP alpha, His Tag, Strep Tag (Cat. No. SIA-H5225) at 2 μg/mL (100 μL/well) can bind Biotinylated Human CD47, Fc Tag (Cat. No. CD7-H82F6) with a linear range of 0.008-0.25 μg/mL (QC tested).

We also offer mouse Fc tagged CD47 and SIRP alpha in case human Fc-tag interferes with your assay design. These products are uniquely suitable to bind with humanized antibodies. 。

Cat. No. Product Description Species
CD7-H52A5 Human CD47, mouse IgG2a Fc Tag, low endotoxin Human
SIA-H52A8 Human SIRP alpha, mouse IgG1 Fc Tag (HPLC-verified) Human

In addition, ACRO also provide CD47 from other commonly used experimental animal species.

Cat. No. Product Description Species
CD7-C5252 CD47 Protein, Fc Tag Cynomolgus
CD7-R5257 CD48 Protein, Fc Tag Rabbit
CD7-R5256 CD49 Protein, Fc Tag Rat
CD7-M5251 CD50 Protein, Fc Tag Mouse



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