Advanced BioScience Laboratories,Inc. – Retrovirus Research Reagents&Kits(HIV/SIV/HTLV)

Advanced BioScience Laboratories,Inc. (located Maryland, USA) is an expert in retrovirus related research with a focus on HIV. Through working with US national institutions such as the NIH and universities, ABL aims to contribute to the study, prevention, and product development in the field of infectious diseases starting with AIDS. ABL also provide custom animal model as a service, with consulting and testing services for the client’s chosen development material and animal models.


Cat. No. Product Name Size
5421 HIV-1 p24 Antigen Capture Assay 96-well plate
5429 HIV-1 gp120 Antigen Capture Assay 96-well plate
5436 SIV p27 Antigen Capture Assay (backordered until March 18th) 96-well plate
5447 Bulk HIV-1 p24 10 plates/kit 10 plates (96-well plate)
5450 Bulk SIV p27 10 plates/kit (backordered until March 18th) 10 plates (96-well plate)

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Viral Products

Cat. No. Product Name Size
5424 HIV-1 451 gp120 (Native) 100 μg
5425 HIV-1 IIIB p24 100 μg
5426 HIV-1 IIIB gp160 (Native) 100 μg
5427 HIV-1 451 gp160 (Native) 100 μg

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Antibodies & Antiserum

Cat. No. Product Name Size
4300 Anti-HTLV-I p21E Env 100 μg
4301 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (Broadly Reactive) 100 μg
4302 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (C2 Domain; Type M and O) 100 μg
4303 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (Type O) 100 μg
4304 Anti-HIV-1 gp41 Env (Type O) 100 μg
4305 Anti-HIV-1 Tat 100 μg
4310 Anti-HTLV-I p24 Gag 100 μg
4311 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (Conformational) 100 μg
4312 Anti-HIV-1 gp41 Env 100 μg
4313 Anti-HIV-1 p24 Gag 100 μg
4314 Anti-HIV-1 p17 Gag 100 μg
4315 Anti-HIV-1 p66/51 (RT) 100 μg
4317 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (aa 307-320) 100 μg
4322 Anti-SIV gp32 Env (weakly neutralizing) 100 μg
4323 Anti-SIV p27 Gag 100 μg
4324 Anti-SIV p27 Gag (cross-reacts with HIV-1/2) 100 μg
4325 Anti-SIV p17 Gag 100 μg
4326 Anti-SIV gp120 Env 100 μg
4327 Anti-SIV gp120 Env (neutralizing) 100 μg
5407 Anti-HIV-1 p17 Gag 1mL
5408 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (Clade E, 93TH976) 1mL
5411 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (Clade C, 96ZM651) 1mL
5412 Anti-HIV-1 p24 Gag 1mL
5413 Anti-SIV gp120 Env (Mac251) 1mL
5414 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (Clade B, IIIB) 1mL
5415 Anti-HIV-1 Tat 1mL
5416 Anti-HIV-1 Nef 1mL
5418 Anti-HTLV-I p24 Gag 1mL
5419 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (Clade A, 92UG037) 1mL
5420 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (Clade B, Ba-L) 1mL
5422 Anti-HIV-1 gp120 Env (Clade D, 57140) 1mL

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