Advanced BioScience Laboratories,Inc. – Retrovirus Research Reagents&Kits(HIV/SIV/HTLV)

Advanced BioScience Laboratories,Inc. (located Maryland, USA) is an expert in retrovirus related research with a focus on HIV. Through working with US national institutions such as the NIH and universities, ABL aims to contribute to the study, prevention, and product development in the field of infectious diseases starting with AIDS. ABL also provide custom animal model as a service, with consulting and testing services for the client’s chosen development material and animal models.

■ ELISA Kits
■ Viral Antigens & Proteins
■ Antibodies & Antiserum



Cat. No. Product Name Packaging
5421 HIV-1 p24 Antigen Capture Assay 96-well plate
5429 HIV-1 gp120 Antigen Capture Assay 96-well plate
5436 SIV p27 Antigen Capture Assay 96-well plate


Viral Antigens & Proteins

Cat. No. Product Name Packaging
5423 HIV-1 IIIB gp120 (Native) 100 μg
5424 HIV-1 451 gp120 (Native) 100 μg
5425 HIV-1 IIIB p24 100 μg
5426 HIV-1 IIIB gp160 (Native) 100 μg
5427 HIV-1 451 gp160 (Native) 100 μg
5428 SIV mac251 gp120 (Native) 100 μg
5430 SIV mac251 p27 (Native) 100 μg


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