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FND Biotech, Inc.

FND Biotech, Inc. (Taiwan) was established for the R&D of products and services related to Fluorescent Nanodiamond (FND). Thier technology was pioneered in Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences (IAMS) of Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.
FND Biotech obtains its exclusive patent license (US 8168413 B2 Luminescent Diamond Particles).

Fluorescent Nanodiamond (FND)
Nitrogen is the most common impurity in diamond, incorporated into the crystal lattice as varieties of  lattice defect. When diamond is exposed to high-energy particles, vacancies can be created by the radiation damage. Upon thermal annealing, the vacancies are mobile and subsequently trapped by nitrogen atoms to form different color centers, depending on the type of the starting material used in the production.

Applications of fluorescent nanodiamonds include:
●Single particle tracking
●Biomolecular labeling
●Cellular imaging
●Superresolution imaging
●In vivo imaging
●Time-gated fluorescence imaging
●Stem cell tracking
●Tumor targeting
●Cathodoluminescence imaging
●Nanoscale thermometry
●Nanoscale magnetometry

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Red Fluorescent Nanodiamonds


Code Particle size Number of NV centers per particle
brFND-100 100 nm >1,000
brFND-50 50 nm >20
brFND-35 35 nm >15
brFND-10 10 nm >4

 Products are supplied as 1~10 mL suspension in water or powder.

Red Fluorescent Nanodiamonds


Code Particle size Number of H3 centers per particle
gFND-140 140 nm undetermined

Products are supplied as 1~10 mL suspension in water or powder.

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