ViroStat Zika Virus NS1 Monoclonal Antibody


Special feature, Zika Virus NS1 MAb

Zika virus is a mosquito-­‐borne Flavivirus. It is usually a mild, self-­‐limiting infection of short duration resulting in fever and a rash. The symptoms are similar to those caused by Dengue virus and Chikungunya virus. However recent cases during pregnancy have resulted in fetal neurological complications with resulting birth defects. There is also evidence that the virus can be transmitted sexually.

ViroStat supplies a set of monoclonal antibodies to the NS1 protein of Zika virus. These antibodies do not cross react with the related Flaviviruses tested as well as Chikungunya virus. They function in IFA and pair in ELISA.

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Product list
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catalog no. virus specificity host information
5122 Zika Virus NS1 mouse acrobat_reader_50x50
5123 Zika Virus NS1 mouse
5124 Zika Virus NS1 mouse
5125 Zika Virus NS1 mouse

※Since the products are differ in the hybridoma used for manufacture, they are defined as different clones.

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