Virostat Dengue Virus NS1 Monoclonal Antibody

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Special feature, Dengue Virus NS1 MAb

A non-structural glycoprotein (NS1) is produced during acute infection and can be found at high levels in patient serum. ViroStat supplies several monoclonal antibodies to the NS1 of Dengue virus. These antibodies recognize the NS1 protein of all 4 Dengue serotypes and are powerful tools for researchers and developers of rapid detection methods.

Product List


Catalog No. Specificity Host Unit Information DM
5161 Dengue group mouse 100 ug acrobat_reader_50x50 acrobat_reader_50x50
5162 Dengue NS1
5163 Dengue NS1
5164 Dengue NS1
5165 Dengue NS1


Recombinant Proteins

Catalog No. Source Specificity Unit Information
8812 Dengue virus 1 E 100 ug acrobat_reader_50x50
8813 Dengue virus 2 acrobat_reader_50x50
8814 Dengue virus 3 acrobat_reader_50x50
8815 Dengue virus 4 acrobat_reader_50x50


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