Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

Supplier Country:Japan

Target Market:Worldwide

Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of aluminum and related products in Japan. As part of their group business they also manufacture carbon related products. With their expertise in carbon material production, grinding/polishing technology, and surface modification technology they are able to come up with an unique design of amorphous carbon plate that can be applicable for biological research purposes such as designing arrays for antibody detection.

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NSJ Bioreagents

Supplier Country:US

Target Market:Japan, Taiwan

NSJBio provides a source of both classic, widely-used monoclonal antibodies and leading-edge, new-to-the-market, mono- and polyclonal antibodies, as well as recombinant monoclonal and human protein microarray validated antibodies.

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NTBIO Diagnostics Inc.

Supplier Country:Canada

Target Market:Japan, Taiwan