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Renaissance Chemicals is a British chemical company established in 1997. They specialize in providing tailored services and unique products for customers throughout the world. Their Speciality Chemicals Division mainly produces dyes and fluorescers for various uses and purposes.

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Basic Information

SCRI Renaissance 2200 (SR2200) is a modified fluorescer that stains beta 1,4 and beta 1,3 linkages that is prevalent in many polysaccharides. It is highly soluble and performs well even in hard to stain situations.

Reference Protocol

Use of SCRI Renaissance 2200 (SR2200) as a Versatile Dye for Imaging of Developing Embryos, Whole Ovules, Pollen Tubes and Roots. Musielak, Thomas & Bürgel, Patrick & Kolb, Martina & Bayer, Martin. (2016).

Sample Stain Images

Arabidopsis Thaliana siliques stained with SR2200 and viewed through Zeiss 880 Laser Scanning Microscope
1. Image from thin section of R.solani colonised soil stained with SCRI Renaissance 2200. Image width 535 microns
2. R. solani grown on PDA and stained with SCRI Renaissance 2200. Image width 186 microns
3. R. solani grown on potato dextrose agar (PDA) and stained with SCRI Renaissance 2200. Image width 308 microns
4. Image from the thin section of R. solani colonised soil stained with traditional stain, supplied by a major catalogue

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