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Worldwide support of biomedical and cell biology research as well as industrial communities. We accompany projects to fully understand the metabolism, toxicity and functional effects of the liver system.
Scientists can expect our ultimate commitment, support and desire to promote their R&D efforts to a comfort level as high as possible. We know that best possible manufacturing and supplier excellence, paired with outstanding services and products, are the building block of your and your team’s success.
We know that our total quality commitment is important for you. You benefit from a high level of comfort for your experiments, products you can rely on, the advantage of being a valued member of our R&D network and ultimate partnership.

Outstanding Products & Services.

Outstanding Technologies, Products and Services are mission critical. We are experts for in vitro technologies. We develop and provide cell culture systems for the prediction of toxic and long-term effects of agents on the human body.
Our cell culture systems are important for your day-to-day work. Human and non-human hepatocytes are available as fresh or cryopreserved products. Our product range compliments your lab bench work by optimized media and other consumables, such as cell plates for example.

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Our high quality hepatocytes are immediately usable, show high viability and perfectly match your schedules and workflow. It is a convenient solution. Start immediately with your project and do not to wait for liver tissue. Thaw and use hepatocytes where and whenever you need them.


Cryopreserved human hepatocytes undergo the strongest quality checks and are carefully characterized and tested. Besides the parameters as shown below, all deliveries are accompanied by additional photo documentation and other supplemental data.
Human cryopreserved hepatocytes are only for in vitro research use and not for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Human cryopreserved hepatocytes should be stored in liquid nitrogen vapor (-150°C or colder).

All cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes are packaged to produce an Assured Minimum Yield (AMY), the minimum number of viable cells that you can expect from each vial. The AMY allows for advanced planning and budgeting for your research projects by ensuring that you get the quantity of cells needed for your specific experiment.

Key Application Areas Human Hepatocytes

●Acute Cytotoxicity Assessment.
Cryoheps in suspension are nearly equivalent to plated human hepatocytes (1st to 3rd treatment).
Prediction of Hepatic Clearance.
Measurement of low metabolic compounds of cryoheps in suspension give better prediction of hepatic clearance than microsomes.
●Prediction of Fraction Metabolized (fm) close to in vivo.
CryoHeps in suspension allow evaluation of donor-specific uptake transporter inhibition and CYP inhibition.

●Study Donor dependent Drug Metabolism and Induction.
Plateable cryopreserved hepatocytes allow the evaluation of inter-individual variations in drug metabolism enzymes (DMEs) and response to inducers.
●Prequalified Cryoheps for specific Studies
Plateable cryopreserved hepatocytes can be obtained specically certfied for for studies of metabolism, Induction (qualified for 3 or 2 major CYPs) or certified for transporter studies.
●Evaluation of Repeat Drug Exposure.
Plateable cryopreserved hepatocytes allow the evaluation of chronic exposition to drugs by the measurement of inflammatory signals.

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Thawing and Plating Kit for Cryopreserved Hepatocytes


Thawing and Plating Kit (order # PTK-1)

Thawing hepatocytes in primary culture is an important step towards saf experiments. For hepatocyte thawing, PRIMACYT offers a thawing and plating kit for cryopreserved hepatocytes. The kit components are shipped at room temperature, to be stored at 4-8°C upon arrival. The kit includes a detailed and easy to follow hepatocyte thawing protocol including plating..
The kit contains media sufficient for thawing and plating of 1 vial of cryopreserved hepatocytes.

The kit consists of three components:
– Hepatocyte Thawing Medium
– Hepatocyte Washing Medium
– Hepatocyte Plating Medium for cryopreserved hepatocytes



Cryopreserved animal hepatocytes

Features and Benefits

 ●Convenience for the laboratory
Convenient for our customers. Animal Hepatocytes are ready to use. They show high viability and perfectly match your schedules and workflow.
Start to work immediately.
Start immediately with your project and do not to wait for liver tissue. Thaw and use hepatocytes where and whenever you need them.
Same quality as for human hepatocytes.
Our animal hepatocytes are carefully prepared by using isolation and cryopreservation methods and tools that are also applied for fresh human hepatocytes.
Long time availability.

Cryopreserved hepatocytes can be stored for years at predefined conditions in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen or in freezers at temperatures below -135°C. Available when you need them, they are an ideal (appropriate) solution for sequential experiments over time.

Application Areas

 ●Use cryoheps as about fresh ones
Most applications can be performed as using fresh hepatocytes in general considering that cryopreserved cells can be used following a limited number of thawing processes.
●Drug development and lead candidate screening.
●Identification of species-specific metabolism activities and toxicity of compounds.
●Studies of drug metabolism and toxicology, including performing transporter activities and coupled phase I and II metabolism studies.
●Prediction of metabolic clearance.
●Assessment of tetracycline-induced steatosis.
●Determination of microsome and hepatocyte scaling factors for in vitro/in vivo extrapolation.
●Drug-drug interaction assays.
●Drug transporter inhibition.
●Metabolic profiling and assessment of stability.
●Comparison of major phase I and phase II metabolism reactions.


Compare Characterization


Parameters in Suspension Platable Platable
for Induction Studies for Transporter Studies
Species x x x
Gender x x x
Cell Biology
Viability in % x x x
Viable cells/vial x x x
Characteristics after thawing
Viabilty % x x x
Recovery x x x
EROD Induction (fold) x x
Estron-3 Sulfate uptake  pmol/mg x min x


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Dermal Fibroblasts

What are fibroblasts?

Dermal fibroblasts are derived from mesenymal stem cells. The function of fibroblasts is related to maintenance and tissue metabolism. Such fibroblasts are in activated state of metabolism. Fibroblasts provide the structural fibers and ground substance of connective tissue.

Dermal Fibroblasts – Cultured Fibroblasts from PRIMACYT.

Compared to other fibroblast cell types, dermal fibroblast cells show only weak affinity to change into other cell types. Fibroblast proliferation can be stimulated by the presence of fibroblast growth factor (FGF).

Human Dermal Fibroblasts

Application Fields
●Studies of toxicity and irritancy
●Studies of growth factor action
●Studies for migration and collagen metabolism
●ECM protein analysis
●Studies for the effect of cosmetics
●Studies with regard to skin therapy, skin models and skin diseases

Features and Quality
●Normal NHDF are isolated from the dermis of juvenile or infantile foreskin or adult skin from different locations such as face, breast, eyelid etc.
●Proliferating cell cultures are made from cryopreserved cells, which have been thawed and cultured at PRIMACYT.
●No contamination by bacteria, yeast, and other fungi detected during quality assurance measures.
●All human dermal fibroblasts are characterized positive for expression of fibroblast surface protein.

Product Benefits
●Superior cell morphology and proliferation rates.
●Normal human fibroblast cells are perfect for obtaining reliable results, as they are easy to use and convenient to handle
●Choice between juvenile and adult dermal fibroblasts allows testing within a wide range of extracellular matrix levels.
●Primacyt human dermal fibroblasts are cryopreserved at passage 1 (P1).
●Each lot of human dermal fibroblasts has been examined for cell viability and recovery after thawing and cell proliferation rate (specific data sheet is provided).
●Primacyt human dermal fibroblasts can be combined as part of a cell culture system together with the Primacyt FGM-500 Fibroblast Growth Medium.
●HDFs are derived and characterized from single human donors, allowing variability comparisons with regard to certain donor properties.
●Growth performance is tested through multiple passages up to at least 16 population doublings.

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Cynomolgus Monkey Fibroblasts

Cynomolgus monkey dermal fibroblasts are available from individual samples. Select from either sex and age according to your needs. Cells have been isolated from normal skin tissue and cultured in our laboratory in Germany. Primate cells originate from sources in Germany.

Fibroblasts from Cynomolgus Monkey (alt. “Cynomolgus Macaque”) are fibroblasts for research purposes from primates because their dermal cells are very close to human fibroblasts. Standard applications are Western blot, PCR, or assaying of cell-to-cell interaction or adhesion, immunoprecipitation and immunofluorescent flow cytometry or other research purposes.

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Human Keratinocytes

Primacyt is a provider of human keratinocytes from juvenile skin cells for research. Our human epidermal keratinocytes are available from single donors. Culturing non-adult cells is mostly preferred for a variety of studies in cell research. Primacyt provides extended donor information as part of the delivery package.

Epidermal keratinocytes produce keratin, a tough, protective protein that makes up the majority of the structure of the skin.
Keratinocytes constitute about 95 percent of the outermost layer of the skin. Keratinocytes protect by their function as barrier against environmental impacts by providing proinflammatory mediators, structural proteins, enzymes, lipids and antimicrobial peptides. The keratinocyte cell migrates wound gaps improving the wound healing process. Keratinocytes are a functional part of the immune system.

Application Fields
●Generation of epidermal and differentiation models.
●Epidermal disease research.
●Wound healing and treatment of dermal burns.
●Studies on skin cancer, and toxicity.
●Studies on the behavior of growth factors.
●Studies on the effect of cosmetics.
●Skin irritancy studies.
●Gene delivery systems.


Product Benefits
●Superior cell morphology and proliferation rates.
●Our keratinocytes are perfect for obtaining reliable results, as they are easy to use and convenient to handle
●Choice between juvenile and adult dermal fibroblasts (planned) allows testing of age specific parameters.
●PRIMACYT human keratinocyte cells are cryopreserved at passage 1 (P1).
●Keratinocytes are derived and characterized from single human donors, allowing variability comparisons with regard to certain donor properties.


Features / Quality
●Human epidermal keratinocytes are isolated from the dermis of juvenile foreskin.
●Proliferating cell cultures are made from cryopreserved cells, which have been thawed and cultured at PRIMACYT. Growth performance is tested through multiple passages up 16 population doublings.
●Human epidermal keratinocytes are delivered in vials. Each vial contains more than 500.000 viable cells after thawing.

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Subcellular Fractions


At Primacyt, we provide liver subcellular fractions from a variety of tox species, including human, non-human primates (Cynomolgus Monkey), dog (Beagle), bovine (Bos primigenius taurus), goat (Capra aegagrus hircus), chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) and Suffolk sheep (Ovies aries). Other tox animals like rat or mice and custom species e.g. Mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) or rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)  are available upon request.
Liver microsomes, S9 fractions, and cytosolic extracts are characterized by SDS-PAGE analysis and the determination of Cytochrome P450 activities. In subcellular fractions derived from human donors, we monitor the specific activities of cytochrome P450 and UDP-glucuronosyl-transferases (UGT).

Subcellular fractions derived from liver contain a rich variety of metabolic enzymes for assessing the in vitro metabolism of drug candidates and xenobiotics. They are used to evaluate active pharmaceutical ingredients in human and animal health. Other applications include the environmental toxicological assessment of agrochemicals and the evaluation of cosmetics and food additives.

Subcellular fractions are suitable for a variety of experiments including
– Cytochrome P450 Inhibition Studies
– Metabolic Stability
– Cytochrome P450 Phenotyping
– Metabolite Characterization


PRIMACYT is approved by the European Commission as an EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM) and serves as member of the laboratory network responsible for the method validation.
Our colleagues are professionals and undergo continuous training in the preparation, isolation and cryopreservation of hepatocytes in general, including related co-products, methods and tools. We are a GLP certified laboratory since 2006.

PRIMACYT Liver Subcellular Fractions

Primacyt has introduced a portfolio of liver subcellular fractions, available as S9 fraction, liver cytosol, and liver microsomes. Products are from single donors, male or female. Microsomes and S9 fractions are characterized by CYP metabolism / SDS PAGE, Cytosol by SDS PAGE. For all fractions, the Protein content in mg/ml is available.

Multiple Species are available

Cynomolgus (Macaca Fascicularis) ⎪ Bovine (Holsteiner Schwarzbunte) ⎪ Goat (Capra Aegagrus Hircus ⎪ Suffolk Sheep (Ovies Aries) ⎪ Chicken (Gallus Gallus Domesticus). Other species are available on request.

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Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium


PRIMACYT maintenance media are your choice for the in vitro cultivation and maintenance of primary hepatocytes. Our suite of cell culture media support the creation of your almost perfect hepatic model by stabilizing the expression of metabolism capacity and uptake / efflux transporters.

PRIMACYT as a member of the European Reference Laboratory Network for Alternatives to Animal Testing. We strongly support the use of serumfree media for culturing cells.

PRIMACYT hepatocyte maintenance products contain all required growth and epidermal growth factors. Altogether, our long term media are adapted to allow cell culturing more than four weeks, depending on donor cells. Our studies show favorable detoxification and albumin synthesis results as well as inducible Cytochrome P450 protein expression and enzymatic activities.


Features / Benefits
●Perfect short term and long term cell culturing instrument to obtain higher cell viability at proper cell morphology.
●Optimized for human hepatocytes
●Suited also for dog (beagle) and monkey (cynomolgus) hepatocytes.
●Restores and maintains cytochrome P450 and enzymatic activity over long time.
●Maintains and supports efflux and uptake transporter activities


●Study of metabolic processes.
●Drug metabolism and other cytology studies.
●Pharmacology studies.
●Hepatotoxicity studies.
●Basic research and drug discovery studies.
●Drug-drug interaction studies.
●Analysis of transporter activities.
●Employment in bioprocess assays for the development of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and therapeutics.


Product list

Product code Product name Volume
  Animal Component free Human Hepatocyte Media  
ACF-HHMM-500S Long-term cultures, Maintenance Medium, Basal Medium with supplements 500 ml
ACF-HM-500S Short-term cultures, Basal Medium with supplements 500 ml
  Human Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium, Classic  
HHMM-500S Long-term cultures, Basal Medium with supplements 500 ml
HM-500S Short-term cultures, Basal Medium with supplements 500 ml
  Human Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium 3D Cultures  
HHMM-3D-500S Long-term 3D cultures, Basal Medium with supplements 500 ml


Plating Medium

The PRIMACYT plating medium for primary hepatocytes is part of our serum-free cell culture medium program: Plating Medium, Maintenance Medium and Growth Medium.
PRIMACYT plating medium is serum free.
The addition of serum is not necessary when used in combination with Primacyt’s Collagen Coated Culture Plates and when the isolated cells are of good or high quality. We suggest the addition of 5% serum when cryopreserved hepatocytes are used. An initial plating time of 3-4 hours is recommended.
A solid base for high plating efficiency.
The medium provides a solid and probably best basis for high plating efficiency.
Performance tested.
High quality, performance tested with human and animal hepatocytes. Each lot is tested at Primacyt for the plating of hepatocytes that have been freshly isolated, shipped overnight or cryopreserved.
●Tested for sterility.
●Shelf life 6 months.
●Available in 500ml bottles, different sizes on request.
●Fast track order processing.
For fast track shipments order online. Medium on stock. Shipment within 24 hours after your online order inquiry has arrived, weekends excluded.

Product list

Product code Product name Volume
HPM-500 Hepatocyte Plating Medium  500 ml


Growth Medium

Culturing hepatocytes is of crucial importance in research and requires the right choice of Hepatocyte Growth Medium for Rat Hepatocytes. PRIMACYT offers serum-free medium for your Rat Hepatocytes for the serum free proliferation and culture of primary Rat Hepatocytes.

HGM Hepatocyte Growth Medium for Rat Hepatocytes is available as basal medium (500 ml) plus Supplements or ready to use (500/250 ml) medium. Different volumes are available on request. The complete kit contains basal media and five supplements that support sustainable proliferation and long term culture of growing cells. Includes phenol red.
The Primacyt HGM Hepatocyte Growth Medium is part of our Cell and Tissue Culture Application Package comprising fresh or cryopreserved hepatocytes in suspension or plated, plating medium and collagen coated vessels or plates, or collagen solution.
The PRIMACYT HGM is chemically defined and serum-free. It avoids false interpretation of the results and conclusions from your research experiments. It contains Hepatocyte Growth Factor HGF and Epidermal Growth Factor EGF to facilitate proliferation of hepatocytes. Phenol-red is included.
Shelf Life
The basal medium has a shelf life of 6 months. After addition of supplements, shelf life of the ready to use medium is 1 month.
Usage Statement
Usage Statement. Products are intended for research use only and must not be used for any other purpose, such as but not limited to unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostics, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
Basal and ready to use media, as well as supplements 1 and 2 are shipped at ambient temperature. Supplements 3, 4 and 5 are shipped on dry ice.
Supplements 1 and 2 are stored at 4-8°C, Supplement 3 has to be stored a -20°C and Supplements 4 and 5 should be stored below -70°C.

Product list

Product code Product name Volume
HGM-500S Basal Medium with Supplements  500 ml


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