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Labmaster Ltd, based in Turku, Finland, is a privately owned company focusing on delivering innovative diagnostics tools for applications in routine clinical diagnostics and research. Tokyo Future Style here by introducing LAbmaster’s TR-FIA Kits, for detecing Enterolactone, Equol, Genistein, and Daidzein.



Enterolactone is a lignan produced by intestinal bacteria from plant precursors Matairesinol and Secoisolariciresinol in fiber-rich food. This estrogen-like compound influences sex hormone metabolism and biological activity. It has also effects on intracellular enzymes, protein synthesis, malignant cell proliferation and differentation in such a way that makes it a strong candidate for a natural cancer-protective compound.






Equol is a metabolite produced by intestinal bacteria from the isoflavone Daidzein, which occurs in soy beans(1-3). Recently it was shown that high excretion of Equol is associated with a significant reduction in breast cancer risk(4). Equol showed to have a higher anti-carcinogenic potency, in vitro and in vivo, than Daidzein itself (5-9). These findings make Equol a strong candidate for a natural cancer-protective compound.




Genistein and Daidzein

Genistein and Daidzein are two of the weakly estrogenic isoflavones, which occurs in soy beans and in smaller amounts in some other beans and plants. Isoflavonoids, specifically Genistein and Daidzein, have been implicated in the prevention of cancers, possibly through multiple effects.





Method (All products are based on same method for application)

①A sample preparation by hydrolyze and ether extraction


②90 minutes incubation

③Aspiration and washing


④5 minutes incubation



⑤Fluorescence measurement

Product List

Cat. # product name specification DM
1212-2001 Enterolactone TR-FIA specification DM
1212-2002 Equol TR-FIA specification DM
1212-2003 Genistein TR-FIA specificaiton DM
1212-2004 Daidzein TR-FIA specification DM

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