ImmunoVision (US) is your trusted partner for immunoassay development and manufacturing. As a member of the Calbiotech family, we offer a comprehensive range of ELISA and CLIA assays for human and animal research, including specific assays for hormone, autoimmune disorders, cancer, infectious diseases, and much more. Our services and products cater to businesses in need of microtiter plate coating, custom purification, protein and antibody labeling, and assay development. We specialize in Autoimmune, Infectious, and Biologicals categories, and have been supplying reagents to the autoimmune field since 1985, making us the leader in the autoimmune market.

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Product List

Catalog No. Product Name Size
C1/11-2000 C1/11 Purified Immunoglobulin per mg
C1/11-2000-HRP C1/11 purified and HRP labeled 1 ml
C1/39-2000 C1/39 Purified Immunoglobulin per mg
C1/39-2000-HRP C1/39 Purified Immunoglobulin-HRP 1 ml
CMV-2000 Cytomegalovirus Antigen per ml
DM8.13-3000 DM8.13 Purified IgG per mg
DNA-3000 DNA (Double Stranded) from Plasmid 1mg in 1ml
E1.3-3000 E1.3 Purified IgG per mg
E2T-3000 E2T Purified IgG per mg
E2T-3000-HRP E2T Purified IgG-HRP labeled 1 ml
ENA-1001 ENA Extract 0.25 ml
ENA-1002 Ouchterlony gel, 13 well 5 gels
ENA-1003 Ouchterlony gel, 7 well 5 gels
FLOPC21 Myeloma Protein FLOPC21 per ml
GHG-3000 Goat anti Human IgG 10 mg
GHG-3000-HRO Goat anti Human IgG, HRP per ml
GHM-3000 Goat anti-Human IgM 2 mg
GHM-3000-HRO Goat anti-Human IgM, HRP per ml
HAP-0600 Bulk Pack of Positive Control Sera: Ro/SS-A, La/SS-B, Sm, RNP, Scl-70, and Jo-1 6×2 ml
HARA-2000 HA/RA IgG fraction per mg
HAS-0100 Human Antibody Against Ro/SS-A 2 ml
HAS-0101 Human anti-SSA 0.25 ml
HAVcl10-3000 HAVcl10-3000 Purified monoclonal antibody per mg
HBcr-3000 Hepatitis B core Antigen 1 mg
HBer-3000 Hepatitis B e Recombinant Antigen 1 mg
HBsag-0200 Human anti-Hepatitis B Surface Antigen per ml
HBsag-0200-LD Human anti-Hepatitis B Surface Antigen/liver disease per ml
HCL-0100 Human Antibody Against Cardiolipin Antigen 2 ml
HCT-0100 Human Antibody Against Centromere 2ml
HDD-0100 Human Antibody Against dsDNA Antigen 2 ml
HDr-2000 Hepatitis D Recombinant Antigen per mg
HDr-3000 Hepatitis D Recombinant Antigen, purified 1 ml
HHA-0200 Human anti-Hepatitis A Plasma per ml
HHA-3200 Human anti-Hepatitis A, purified per mg
HHA-3200-HRP Human anti-Hepatitis A, purified, HRP per ml
HHBc-0200 Human anti-Hepatitis B Core Plasma per ml
HHBcM-0200 Human anti-Hepatitis B Core, IgM, plasma per ml
HHBe-0200 Human anti-Hepatitis B e, plasma per ml
HHBs-0200 Human anti-hepatitis B surface, plasma per ml
HHC-0200 Human anti-hepatitis C, plasma per ml
HHC-0200-LD Human anti-Hepatitis C, plasma/liver disease per ml
HHCM-0200 Human anti-Hepatitis C, IgM, plasma per ml
HHD-0200 Human anti-Hepatitis D, plasma per ml
HHD-3200 Human anti-Hepatitis D per mg
HHD-3200-HRP Human anti-Hepatitis D-HRP labeled per ml
HIS-0100 Human Antibody Against Whole Histones 2 ml
HIS-0300 Human anti-Whole Histones for Western Blots 0.5 ml
HIS-1000 Histones, Whole 250 mg, 1 g
HIS-1001 Histones subclass H1 (F1) 10 mg
HIS-1002 Histones H2a (F2A2)and H4(F2A1) 25 ml
HIS-1003 Histones H2b(F2b) 10 mg
HIS-1004 Histones H3(F3), may also contain H2b(F2B) and H2a(F2A2) 10 mg
HJO-0100 Human Antibody Against Jo-1 Antigen 2 ml
HJO-0101 Human anti-Jo-1 0.25 ml
HJO-0300 Human anti-Jo-1 for Western Blots 0.5 ml
HMP-0100 Human Antibody Against MPO Antigen 2 ml
HMS-0100 Human Antibody Against Mitochondrial Antigen 2 ml
HMS-0300 Human anti-Mitochondrial for Western Blots 0.5 ml
HNP-0000 Normal Human Plasma per ml
HNP-0100 Human Normal Serum 2 ml
HNP-0300 Human Normal Serum for Western Blots 0.5 ml
HPO-0100 Human Antibody Against Ribosomal P Antigen 2 ml
HPO-0300 Human anti-Ribosomal P for Western Blots 0.5 ml
HPR-0100 Human Antibody Against PR-3 Antigen 2 ml
HPRC-2000 HP/RC IgG fraction per mg
HRN-0100 Human Antibody Against RNP Antigen 2 ml
HRN-0101 Human anti-RNP 0.25 ml
HRN-0200 Human anti-nRNP per ml
HRN-0300 Human anti-RNP for Western Blots 0.5 ml
HSA-0200 Human anti-Ro/SS-A per ml
HSA-0300 Human anti-Ro(SSA) for Western Blots 0.5 ml
HSB-0100 Human Antibody Against La/SS-B 2 ml
HSB-0101 Human anti-La (SSB) 0.25 ml
HSB-0200 Human anti-La/SS-B per ml
HSB-0300 Human anti-La(SSB) for Western Blots 0.5 ml
HSC-0100 Human Antibody Against Scl-70 Antigen 2 ml
HSC-0101 Human anti-Scl-70 0.25 ml
HSC-0200 Human anti Scl-70 per ml
HSC-0300 Human anti-Scl-70 for Western Blots 0.5 ml
HSM-0100 Human Antibody Against Sm Antigen 2 ml
HSM-0101 Human anti-Sm (Smith) 0.25 ml
HSM-0300 Human anti-Sm for Western Blots 0.5 ml
HSR-0300 Human anti Sm/RNP for Western Blot 0.5 ml
HSS-0100 Human Antibody Against ssDNA 2 ml
HSS-0200 Human anti-ssDNA per ml
HTG-0100 Human Antibody Against Thyroglobulin 2 ml
HTG-0200 Human anti-Thyroglobulin per ml
HTP-0100 Human Antibody Against Thyroid Peroxidase 2 ml
HTP-0200 Human anti-Thyroid peroxidase per ml
IGM1.1-3000 Mouse anti-Human IgM 1.1 for ToRCH per mg
IGM1.1-HEP-3000 IgM1.1 Hepatitis Purified IgG per mg
J606 Myeloma Protein J606 per ml
JO1-3000 Jo-1 Antigen 1000 units
MIT-3000 Mitochondrial Antigen 1000 units
MOPC141 Myeloma Protein MOPC141 per ml
MOPC195 Myeloma Protein MOPC195 per ml
MOPC21-2000 MOPC21 IgG fraction per mg
MOPC21-3000 MOPC21 affinity purified per mg
MOPC315 Myeloma Protein MOPC315 per ml
MPO-3000 Myeloperoxidase (MPO) Antigen 1 mg
MRH-3000 Rubella IgG labeled with HRP 1 mg
MSC-0100 Anti-Scl-70, Monoclonal Ab 0.2 mg
MTH-3000 Anti-Toxoplasma, Mab, HRP per mg
PAG-3000 Ribosomal P antigen 1000 units
PR3-3000 Proteinase-3 (PR-3) Antigen 1 mg
R22T-3000 Rubella Torch Antibody, Purified per mg
RPC20 Myeloma Protein RPC20 per ml
S2-3000 S2 Monoclonal Antibody per mg
S2-3000-HRP S2B3 Purified IgG-HRP 1 ml
S3-3000 S3 Monoclonal Antibody per mg
SCL-3000 Scl-70 Antigen 1000 units
SMA-3000 Smith (Sm) Antigen 1000 units
SRC-3000 nRNP Complex 1000 units
SSA-3000 (Ro) SSA Antigen 1000 units
SSB-3000 La/SS-B Antigen 1000 units
T05T-3000 Toxoplasmosis Torch MAb, Purified per mg
TEPC15 Myeloma Protein TEPC15 per ml
UPC10 Myeloma Protein UPC10 per mg
UPC120 Myeloma Protein UPC120 per mg
WBE-1000 Human Epithelial Extract 1 ml

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