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We offer Human Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) developed by HIGETA SHOYU.

HIGETA’s EGF is manufactured by their property gram-positive bacteria (Brevibacillus). HIGETA does not use any animal derived components from the earliest process and the manufacturing is done in their own established GMP system. Therefore HIGETA’s EGF is the best supplement of cell culture for vaccine and regenerative medicine.

HIGETA’s EGF has been used in many companies like major media suppliers and regenerative medicine biotech companies. It also came into practical use in Australia as an active ingredient for the agent to harvest wool from sheep.
HIGETA’s website is here (Japanese).

Adventages of HIGETA’s EGF
1, High Quality

HIGETA manufactures and tests this product under a certified ISO9001 quality system plus their established GMP system. They ensure lot-to-lot consistency by strictly-controlled process. Also, the low endotoxin level is one of the features of this product.
2, Animal-Free (Xeno-Free)
No animal derived ingredients are used in its manufacture, so it would be suitable for “xeno-free” media. They DO NOT use any animal derived components from the earliest process, cell-bank establishment including master-cell selection.
3, Reasonable Price

HIGETA is able to supply hEGF in a inexpensive price because of the established mass-production system. They offer “SPECIAL PRICE” for purchase in quantity.

4, Reliable Supply
We supply hEGF promptly anytime by keeping enough stock.
5, Many Achievements

HIGETA’s AOF/GMP hEGF is used in the various fields such as cell culture for vaccine manufacturing or regenerative medicine.
For vaccine manufacturing : HIGETA’s hEGF have been used for 15 years in large quantities overseas.
For regenerative medicine : Many leading companies have adopted HIGETA’s hEGF in clinical applications / trials.
 6, PMDA registered (Registration number: 229MF40017)

HIGETA’s EGF is registered in Master File (MF) of PMDA (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency) as culture media additives. On the occasion of commercialization of your products for regenerative medicine or others, you can improve the efficiency of paper work for the application by quoting the MF registration number.

*Registration to the MF does not mean that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (PMDA) confirmed or evaluated quality and safety of registered products.

Product list

Product code Product name Volume Price
REG100UG hEGF Recombinant  100 μg Inquiry
REG500UG hEGF Recombinant  500 μg Inquiry
REG10MG hEGF Recombinant  10 mg Inquiry

EGF datasheet (0.1 MB)


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