Functional nucleic acid and Nucleotide sugar

Manufacturer : Fujimoto Molecular Planning Co., Ltd.
Supplier : Tokyo Future Style, Inc.

Tokyo Future Style is supplying functional nucleic acids and nucleotide sugars manufactured by our novel chemical synthesis method. Scientists tried synthesizing these compounds by chemical methods and enzymatic methods but they could not synthesis enough amount of the compounds by now. Currently we are manufacturing enough amount of functional nucleic acids and nucleotide sugars stably and less expensively with our unique chemical synthesis method.

Anti biofilm functional nucleic acid

c-di-GMP is basically known as a second messenger to promote biofilm formation in bacteria. But current studies show that exogenous c-di-GMP inhibits formation of biofilm in microorganisms such as Yersinia pestis, Salmonella enterica and Staphylococcus aureus and resistant bacteria such as MRSA and PRSP. We manufacture c-di-GMP by our own chemical synthesis method stably and less expensively. We are also supplying related compounds cyclic-di-AMP and c-APGP.


Product list


Cat. # Product Name Unit Storage Structure
CDG001 cyclic-di-GMP 1mg~ 10g -20℃  図1
CDA001 cyclic-di-AMP 1mg~ 10g -20℃ 図2
CAPGP001 cyclic AMP-GMP 1mg~ 10g -20℃  図3


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