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Fina Biosolutions’ Specialty Immunoreagents are a collection of reagents mainly of interest to immunologists. These reagents arose out of both our own research and requests from other scientists. Please let us know if there is a reagent you would like us to make.


TNP-Dextran and TNP-Ficoll are classic T-cell independent model antigens. Due to the wide availability of TNP immunoreagents, they serve as useful models of natural T-cell independent antigens like polysaccharides. TNP-OVA and TNP-BSA serve as T-cell dependent model antigens with the trinitrophenyl epitope. The set of TNP reagents also allows for the selection of a suitable ELISA antigen.

Cat. No. Product Size
TNP-BSA-01 TNP-Bovine Serum Albumin 10 mg, 50 mg
TNP-Dextran-01 TNP-Dextran(T2000) 10 mg, 50 mg
TNP-Ficoll-01 TNP-Ficoll(400) 10 mg, 50 mg
TNP-OVA-01 TNP-Ovalbumin 10 mg, 50 mg


Our phosphorylcholine (PC) conjugates are based on the method of Chesbro and Metzger (Biochem, 11:766, 1972) utilizing p-diazonium phenylphosphorylcholine. Phenylarsonate conjugates are made by the method of Amkraut et al. (J Exp Med, 124:293, 1966.)

Cat. No. Product Size
PC-BSA-01 PC-Bovine Serum Albumin 10 mg, 50 mg
PC-OVA-01 PC-Ovalbumin 10 mg, 50 mg


Cat. No. Product Size
pARS-BSA-01 pARS-Bovine Serum Albumin 10 mg, 50 mg
pARS-OVA-01 pARS-Ovalbumin 10 mg, 50 mg


In contrast to other commercial heparin conjugates, ours utilize the terminal end of the polymer, resulting in minimum modification of the heparin.

Cat. No. Product Size
BSA-Hep-01 Heparin-BSA 1 mg, 10 mg
mA-Hep-01 Mono amino Heparin 1 mg, 10 mg
mBiotin-Hep-01 MonoBiotin-Heparin 1 mg, 10 mg

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