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Antibody-Dextran Conjugates

Antibody dextran conjugates consists of multiple copies of antibody covalently linked to high molecular weight dextran, creating a highly multivalent antibody construct. These constructs serve to crosslink receptors, which are the antibody target, on cell surfaces.

Crosslinking membrane IgD on B cells with unconjugated anti-IgD antibody induces B cell proliferation at µg/ml concentrations. By contrast, anti-IgD dextran induces vigorous B cell proliferation at ng/ml. Furthermore, in contrast to unconjugated anti-IgD, anti-IgD-dex-activated B cells undergo substantial Ig class switching and differentiation into Ig-secreting cells in the presence of various second signals, including cytokines and Toll-like receptor ligands. Thus, Anti-IgD-dex is an efficient and potent polyclonal B cell activator for studying a wide range of B cell functions.

Fina Biosolutions provides anti-IgD and anti-IgM dextran conjugates, targeting mouse and human.

All antibody dextran conjugates are stored at -°80C and are shipped on dry ice.

Cat. No. Product Concentration Size
FinaBio#0001 Anti-IgD dextran (mouse) 100 ug/ml 10 ug
FinaBio#0002 Anti-IgD dextran(human) 100 ug/ml 10 ug
FinaBio#0003 Anti-IgM dextran (mouse) 100 ug/ml 10 ug
FinaBio#0004 Anti-IgM dextran(human) 100 ug/ml 10 ug
FinaBio#0005 Human IgG dextran 100 ug/ml 10 ug
FinaBio#0006 Anti-IgD (Fab2) dextran (mouse) 100 ug/ml 10 ug
FinaBio#0007 Anti-IgD Dextran (rat) 100 ug/ml 10 ug
FinaBio#0008 Anti-IgG Fc-gamma (human) 100 ug/ml 10 ug
FinaBio#1000A Custom Dextran Conjugates Inquire
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