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Founded in 1995, EastCoast Bio has been a manufacturer and supplier of high quality antigens, antibodies, specialized immunoassay reagents, and the EastCoast Bio exclusive SeaBlock for the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturing industry worldwide. Large and small manufacturers all over the world use EastCoast Bio’s raw materials to develop their own immunoassays. EastCoast Bio has a constantly expanding product range of cardiac markers, drug of abuse (DOA) , hormones, infectious diseases, serum proteins, tumor markers and veterinary products.

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SeaBlock Fish Plasma — Improve Assay Performance without Cross-Reactivity

SeaBlock is Entirely BSE-Free!

EastCoast Bio’s exclusive SeaBlock fish plasma blocking reagents make an excellent alternative to bovine serum and help improve the overall performance of users’ assays.

In the past, the benefits of the blocking procedure in an assay were not well known. Now, however, scientists are becoming more aware that optimizing their blocking reagents may improve the overall performance of an assay. They also now understand that using bovine-derived proteins in their blocking reagents is not always the best choice because of cross-reactivity problems with mammalian-based antibodies.

SeaBlock fish plasma based products solve the cross-reactivity problem. Using fish plasma as an alternative to bovine serum is a way to get the benefits of blocking in users’ assays without the issues of cross-reactivity. These products function as universal blockers derived from non-mammalian vertebrates with an entirely different immune system.

Since SeaBlock products are derived entirely from fish, they are not subject to the recent European Union ban on all cattle products that could carry Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE).


New Blocking Reagent

EastCoast Bio just released a new formulation of Balance Blocking Buffer. This new reagent contains a unique blend of non-mammalian proteins providing superior blocking in super sensitive assay systems. It can be provided with PBS or TBS.

Free Samples Available! Inquiry for More Details

We have a new blocking reagent formulation that we very excited about, I hope to send you information about this very soon. Our scientists along with our manufacturing clients that have used it thus far, are very very excited about the new product! More information to follow soon.

For More Details on SeaBlock please refer to the Balance Blocker Flyer


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