Athens Research & Technology, Inc.

Athens Research & Technology Inc. has been purifying human proteins and developing polyclonal antisera to those proteins since 1986. They specialize in highly pure, highly active human proteins. They routinely purify serine proteases, protease inhibitors, neutrophil enzymes, apolipoproteins, lipoproteins, platelet proteins, transferrins, immunoglobulins, and more.

Their products referenced in major scientific publications in studies of inflammation, coronary disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and so on. Researchers around the world have been purchasing these research reagents from them for more than twenty-five years.

Product List

Cat. No.Product NameSize
01-05-030000Anti-Catalase, Human Erythrocyte1 ml
01-12-030102Anti-Cathepsin B, Human Liver1 ml
01-12-030104Anti-Cathepsin D, Human Liver1 ml
01-12-030108Anti-Cathepsin H, Human Liver1 ml
01-12-030112Anti-Cathepsin L, Human Liver1 ml
01-14-012621Anti-Azurocidin, Human Neutrophil1 ml
01-14-051200Anti-Elastase, Human Neutrophil1 ml
01-14-130000Anti-Myeloperoxidase, Human Neutrophil1 ml
01-16-080116Anti-Haptoglobin, Human Plasma1 ml
01-16-120101Anti-Apolipoprotein A1, Human Plasma1 ml
01-16-120302Anti-Apolipoprotein C2, Human Plasma1 ml
01-19-032000Anti-Trypsin, Human Pancreas1 ml
01-20-201319Anti-Thrombospondin, Human Platelet1 ml
12-16-030825Chylomicrons, Human Plasma1 mg
12-16-080412Lipoproteins, High Density, Human Plasma1 mg, 5 mg
12-16-080412-TCLipoproteins, High Density, HP, Cell Culture1 mg, 5 mg
12-16-090412Lipoproteins, Intermediate Density, Human Plasma1 mg
12-16-120412Lipoproteins, Low Density, Human Plasma1 mg, 5 mg
12-16-120412-OXLipoproteins, Oxidized, Low Density, Human Plasma1 mg
12-16-120412-TCLipoproteins, Low Density, HP,Cell Culture1 mg, 5 mg
12-16-121601Lipoprotein (a), Human Plasma100 ug, 1 mg
12-16-221204Lipoproteins, Very Low Density, Human Plasma1 mg, 5 mg
12-16-221204-TCLipoproteins, Very Low Density, HP, Cell Culture1 mg, 5 mg
16-05-030000Catalase, Human Erythrocyte500 ug, 1 mg
16-05-030112Calpain-1, Human Erythrocyte100 ug, 500 ug
16-05-191504Superoxide Dismutase, Human Erythrocyte (5KU)100 ug
16-12-030102Cathepsin B, Human Liver25 ug
16-12-030104Cathepsin D, Human Liver25 ug, 50 ug, 100 ug
16-12-030108Cathepsin H, Human Liver25 ug
16-12-030112Cathepsin L, Human Liver25 ug
16-13-011202Lactalbumin, Human Milk5 mg
16-13-090701Secretory IgA, Human Colostrum1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg
16-13-120103Lactoferrin, Human Milk5 mg
16-13-A201103ApoLactoferrin, Human Milk5 mg
16-14-012621Azurocidin, Human Neutrophil100 ug, 1 mg
16-14-021609BPI, Human Neutrophil100 ug
16-14-030107Cathepsin G, Human Neutrophil100 ug
16-14-051200Elastase, Human Neutrophil100 ug, 1 mg
16-14-081416Defensins (Human Neutrophil Peptides), Human Neutrophil100 ug, 1 mg
16-14-120103Lactoferrin, Human Neutrophil100 ug
16-14-122519Lysozyme, Human Neutrophil100 ug, 1 mg
16-14-130000Myeloperoxidase, Human Neutrophil100 ug, 1 mg
16-14-161820Proteinase 3, Human Neutrophil25 ug, 100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-010700Alpha 1 Acid Glycoprotein, Human Plasma1 mg, 10 mg
16-16-011202Albumin, Human Plasma1 gram
16-16-011407Angiotensinogen, Human Plasma100 ug
16-16-011609Alpha 1 Antitrypsin, Human Plasma1 mg, 5 mg
16-16-012013Alpha 2 Macroglobulin, Human Plasma1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg
16-16-012013-FFAlpha 2 Macroglobulin, Fast Form, Human Plasma500 ug, 1 mg
16-16-012020Antithrombin III, Human Plasma100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-012400Alpha 1 Antichymotrypsin, Human Plasma100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-012901Alpha 2 Antiplasmin, Human Plasma100 ug, 500 ug, 1 mg
16-16-020305Butyrylcholinesterase, Human Plasma10 units, 100 units, 1000 units
16-16-030303Complement C3c, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-030304-85Complement C4c, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-030518Ceruloplasmin, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-031509C-1 Esterase Inhibitor, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-031816C-Reactive Protein, Human Plasma100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-032001Transferrin (HOLO), Human Plasma100 mg, 1 gram
16-16-032001-BPGTransferrin, BioProcessing Grade, Human Plasma1 gram, 5 gram
16-16-032001-LELTransferrin (HOLO), Human Plasma, LEL100 mg, 1 gram
16-16-070307G-C Globulin (Vitamin D Binding Protein)1 mg
16-16-080116Haptoglobin, Human Plasma1 mg, 5 mg
16-16-080116-1/1Haptoglobin, Phenotype 1-1, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-080116-1/1-LELHaptoglobin, Phenotype 1-1, LEL, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-080116-2/2Haptoglobin, Phenotype 2-2, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-080116-LELHaptoglobin, Human Plasma, LEL1 mg
16-16-080513Hemopexin, Human Plasma100 ug, 500 ug, 1 mg
16-16-080513-LELHemopexin, Human Plasma, LEL1 mg
16-16-081907Alpha 2 HS Glycoprotein, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-090109Inter Alpha Inhibitor Protein (IAIP), Human Plasma25 ug, 100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-090701Immunoglobulin A, Human Plasma1 mg, 10 mg
16-16-090701-1MImmunoglobulin A1, Human Myeloma Plasma1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg
16-16-090704Immunoglobulin D, Human Plasma25 ug
16-16-090704-MImmunoglobulin D, Human Myeloma Plasma100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-090705Immunoglobulin E, Human Plasma100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-090705-M-LambdaImmunoglobulin E, Human Myeloma Plasma, Lambda100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-090707Immunoglobulin G, Human Plasma10 mg, 100 mg, 1 gram
16-16-090707-1Immunoglobulin G1, Human Normal Plasma1 mg
16-16-090707-1MImmunoglobulin G1, Human Myeloma Plasma1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg
16-16-090707-1M-FABImmunoglobulin G1, FAB Fragment, Human Myeloma Plasma1 mg
16-16-090707-1M-FCImmunoglobulin G1, FC, Human Myeloma Plasma1 mg
16-16-090707-2Immunoglobulin G2, Human Normal Plasma1 mg
16-16-090707-2MImmunoglobulin G2, Human Myeloma Plasma1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg
16-16-090707-3Immunoglobulin G3, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-090707-4Immunoglobulin G4, Human Normal Plasma100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-090707-FabImmunoglobulin G, Fab Fragment, Human Plasma1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg
16-16-090707-Fab'2Immunoglobulin G, Fab'2 Fragment, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-090707-FcImmunoglobulin G, Fc Fragment, Human Plasma1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg
16-16-090707-Fc-IMMImmunoglobulin G, Fc Fragment, Immun. Grade, Human Plasma1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg
16-16-090707-Fc-LELImmunoglobulin G, Fc Fragment, LEL, Human Plasma1 mg, 10 mg
16-16-090713Immunoglobulin M, Human Plasma1 mg, 10 mg
16-16-090713-fc5μImmunoglobulin M, Fc5μ, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-090713-MImmunoglobulin M, Human Myeloma Plasma1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg
16-16-090713-MUImmunoglobulin M, μ chain, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-110112Kallikrein, Human Plasma50 ug
16-16-110112-LKallikrein, Human Plasma (lyophilized)50 ug
16-16-110914-HKininogen, High Molecular Weight, Human Plasma100 ug
16-16-110914-LKininogen, Low Molecular Weight, Human Plasma100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-120101Apolipoprotein AI, Human Plasma500 ug, 1 mg
16-16-120101-LELApolipoprotein AI, Human Plasma, LEL500 ug, 1 mg
16-16-120102Apolipoprotein AII, Human Plasma500 ug, 1 mg
16-16-120104Apolipoprotein AIV, Human Plasma50 ug
16-16-120200Apolipoprotein B, Human Plasma500 ug
16-16-120301Apolipoprotein CI, Human Plasma100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-120302Apolipoprotein CII, Human Plasma50 ug
16-16-120303Apolipoprotein CIII, Human Plasma100 ug, 1 mg
16-16-120500Apolipoprotein E, Human Plasma50 ug, 500 ug, 1 mg
16-16-121807LRG1, Leucine-rich Alpha 2 Glycoprotein-1, Hu Plasma50 ug, 100 ug
16-16-161200Plasminogen, Human Plasma1 mg
16-16-161213-FPlasmin, Human Plasma (frozen)1 mg
16-16-161213-LPlasmin, Human Plasma (lyophilized)1 mg
16-16-161801Prealbumin, Human Plasma (Transthyretin)1 mg, 5 mg
16-16-180216Retinol Binding Protein (RBP4), Human Plasma100 ug
16-16-220920Vitronectin, Human Plasma100 ug
16-16-A32001APO Transferrin, Human Plasma100 mg, 1 gram, 5 gram
16-16-A32001-BPGAPO Transferrin, Human Plasma, BioProcessing Grade1 gram, 5 gram
16-16-A32001-LELAPO Transferrin, Human Plasma, Low Endotoxin Level100 mg, 1 gram
16-16-S32001-LELTransferrin, Partially Iron Saturated (SIDERO), LEL100 mg, 1 gram
16-19-030820Chymotrypsin, Human Pancreas100 ug, 1 mg
16-19-032000Trypsin, Human Pancreas100 ug, 1 mg
16-20-201319Thrombospondin, Human Platelet25 ug
16-23-041606Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV, Human Placenta10 mU

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