Updated information for products of Rekom Biotech.

Polyclonal antibodies against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Toxoplasma gondii.

Updated information for Raw materials for IVD

Raw materials related to infectious disease, autoimmune disease, etc.

Updated information for Protein Products for Cell Culture

Low Endotoxin & Animal-Free proteins for cell culture.

We started marketing of ELK Biotechnology CO., Ltd. (China)

ELK produces ELISA kits, antibodies, proteins and molecular biology reagents for immunochemistry, tumor research and so on.

New Year Holiday Notice

Our office will be closed from Dec. 29th, 2023 to Jan. 4th, 2024.

Updated information for products of Rekom Biotech.

Best seller products already included in commercial tests. Proteins and antibodies for infectious diseases and allergies.