ACROBiosystems is an internationally recognized manufacturer of recombinant proteins committed to supporting cancer immunotherapy. ACRO specializes in mammalian cell-based recombinant protein production and process development. ACRO’s goal is to support professionals from pharmaceutical companies, CRO, and research institutes in the field of immunotherapy by providing high-quality proteins, antibodies, and assay kits. ACRO have multiple offices and branches in North America, Europe, and Asia, spanning over 50 countries.



Core Technologies

●Proprietary HEK293 expression platform with strict animal-free and xeno-free conditions
●In-house developed enzymatic and chemical biotin labeling technique with bioactivity and labeling ratio optimized

Feature Brand

With years of experience, ACRO have established their own brands: MABSol® proteins and assay kits. The MABSol® brand products cover every step of the antibody drug development pipeline: diverse antigens for injection and selection; MABSol® Biotin Labeled Proteins for assay, immuno-capture and quantitative analysis; MABSol® Five-Minute MAB Isotyping Kits for antibody isotyping, purification media and MABSol® Fc Receptors for antibody optimization.

Product Feature Pages

Biotinylated Monkeypox virus Proteins
Emerging mutants from SARS-CoV-2 Variants
Targets of TME pathways

Targets for Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Bispecific antibody targets

Immune Checkpoint Proteins

MABSol® Biotin Labeled Proteins

Fc Receptor Proteins

CD3 Related Products

CD20 Related Products

CD47 Related Products

Product Catalog and Data
ACROBiosystems Product catalogue
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Anti-FMC63 antibody-CGT-CAR targets brochure
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Comprehensive Solutions For Anti-idiotypic Antibody Development And Applications
Core Reagents for Infectious Desease Research
COVID-19 Vaccine
Custom GMP-grade Protein Services for Cell Therapeutic Manufacturing
Discovery Solution for Cell and Gene Therapy
Full Length Active Gallery
GMP Product eBook Brochure
Molecular Interaction Analysis Testing Services
Solutions of Immune Cell Therapy Drug Development_Brochure
SPR verified Fc Receptor Proteins
Star Staining – Fluorescent labeled Products

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